John Polley (JP)

"Growth: embrace that shit!"

Hello! Whilst this page is meant to be the place you learn about me, what I’m really interested in, is YOU! My overwhelming driver for being a human being on planet earth is simple: to help people grow. Grow themselves, grow the people they serve, grow their businesses and as a combined result, grow their fulfillment in all areas of life.

Whether we connect through my education in movement, integrative practices, or coaching, or whether we connect through group coaching, leadership team coaching or individual coaching, or whether we connect through my keynote speaking at events, my first priority is to know and understand you better. When you reach out, be sure to share something about yourself and your story, so that I can start helping you in the most individualised way possible.

That word ‘connect’ is a very important one in my world. Intuitively, we all know it’s important to be connected to others. In my time developing education, I can also tell you positive human connection is the most important factor in good health and longevity, bar none.

Connection is a human need, a human right and again, from my experience working with people, I can tell you it has the most incredible power to change your life and all those around you. Hence, connection is woven through everything I do in education, in coaching and mentoring, and in my speaking opportunities.

In order for us to grow, we must first be vulnerable. In other words, to grow, learn or become stronger, we must tackle what we may feel is ‘weakness’, to move forward in life.

There is only one way most humans will face their own vulnerability; in a safe environment in the company of others who represent that same safety. Therefore, it has become very clear to me that creating safe, non-judgmental and supportive environments and experiences is the foundation of authentic, powerful and lasting change for each of us.

These environments set the scene for vulnerability, for challenge to take place, and for courage to be brought forward in extraordinary ways. I consider all that I offer, embodies these principles from the start of a relationship, ongoing, online, in person, individual or group.

Be aware though, that safe does not mean easy! The next stage of growth is challenge. Delivered in the right amount, at the right time, by the right people in the right circumstances, challenge is key to creating a more knowledgeable, more confident, more resilient, more productive, more creative and ultimately more successful YOU.

So, challenge is another integral component of our time together. Again, I speak for all that offer – education, coaching and mentoring or speaking. They all have the above qualities made to different recipes according to the unique project we will endeavour upon together.

I'm looking forward to connecting and growing with you!

JP has a broad life and work experience. A bricklayer’s son, born and raised in the UK, he worked in a few professional roles before starting his own furniture company at 27. By 34, by his own admission, he was burnt out, and moved to the island of Fuerteventura to live.

Everything changed at 35 when he lost his mother to cancer, went through relationship breakdown with his partner of 17 years, and moved back to the UK. He finally listened to his true calling and joined the fitness, health, movement and wellness industry.

Within a few years, he was teaching and speaking at conferences using his down to earth, humorous and engaging approach. He has since developed and taught internationally the Next Level mentorships, as well as Next Level coaching and mentoring, for both individual and groups.

In 2019, he was awarded Educator of the Year by the Exercise Association of New Zealand. He is now one of the most popular speakers and educators in Australasia and continuously innovating new ways to connect and inspire. His first book, Joy in Motion, is due out at the end of 2020.