for individuals, groups, and businesses

Individual coaching

Given the word ‘individual’, there are very few generic descriptions that can encapsulate your coaching experience. However, what can be said is JP is interested in working with you through deep connection, complete openness, real honesty and to be your catalyst and guide for the most meaningful change and growth of your life. Challenge is at the centre of this growth and you won’t be shielded from this challenge, but powerfully supported as you lean into each new breakthrough in your realisation. Your growth will be a team effort, a collaboration that is all about you.

There are different levels of engagement, based on what your needs and each situation has nuances of its own. Therefore, the only way to know what collection of strategies will work best for you ie what will form your ‘package’, is to discuss this with JP, as it will be individually tailored. The elements you will discuss are:

  • Length of commitment - most relationships start with a 12 month commitment on each side
  • Frequency of sessions – usually either fortnightly or monthly dependent upon outcome required
  • What’s included – individually decided on your needs, as there are several choices starting from a monthly coaching and directions session, through to the complete 3D Package of intensive coaching with a full health, movement and lifestyle reset program
  • Investment – again based on your needs, remembering this is not really about the financial commitment, but the energy, time and absolute dedication required to change and grow into your best self. JP can discuss your financial commitment when you meet.

To explore further - message or email JP

Group programs

This is an excellent way to enjoy personal growth in a safe setting, with the additional support of a like-minded group. You can bring your already formed group and discuss a program, or you can join one of JP’s regular Explore online programs that run 2-3 times per year. Details are below:

Explore and Evolve - two month online coaching program with JP as your mentor and guide

JP’s tag line is, Growth: Embrace that shit! This is a shout out to you, to harness your courage and grab the opportunity to unleash your potential. Finally be the change you want to see in the world. Let’s do this!

Introducing the EXPLORE AND EVOLVE ONLINE GROUP COACHING PROGRAM - 9 sessions, 9 questions, 9 weeks, huge shift. Each question is carefully constructed to build on the last and reveals the next layer of you, your identity and your direction. An online live experience with JP guiding you through the process and discussing the issues this will bring up in the group

To ensure this remains personal and tailored, only 12 people are accepted into each intake.

Open to anyone who:

  • Wants to grow, themselves, their clients and their business
  • Is unsure what they want and need a way to find out
  • Knows they are capable of so much more
  • Knows what they want but is unsure how to get there
  • Can't find the courage to make the changes needed 
  • Needs guidance / support in their dreams
  • Needs to be asked the right questions
  • Several / all of the above

Join live each week or have the recordings if you miss a session or two. This is not a ‘dial in and everything changes’ situation. There is effort, challenge and energy invested in growth, so you’ll need to give some time to personal reflection and answer the question each week. Whilst not compulsory, you will also be encouraged to share with the group your own answers, so you can all learn from each other

JP says:

“Personal growth is one of the most challenging and powerful experiences you can go through. And I can tell you from my own history, it’s significantly easier with tailored help and guidance from a professional invested in your success (that’s me). And I literally LOVE this stuff! All I want to facilitate, is your growth, evolution and success. I'm excited to bring my coaching/mentoring skills to you in this accessible format. If you have questions, just reach out. Big love, JP ♥"


Instead of the usual one on one coaching investment, this 2 month group online program is a $499 (AUD) commitment, to demonstrate your commitment to your growth and use your place in the experience to move forward with your life.

Dates and times 

Starting Wednesday 7 October at 10.30am Perth / AEST 1.30pm / New Zealand 3.30pm
Each session is 90 minutes
There are 9 sessions in total, each Wednesday at the same time, finishing on 2 December
NOTE: Every session will be recorded for your review, or to catch up when you cannot attend.

To register (places strictly limited to 12)

 Message or email JP

Heart-led leadership programs for business

JP’s signature approach to business is to create growth in each individual in your team, the team as a whole, and then roll this out in your business and with your clients. A completely human approach to driving business success. More real, sustainable and actionable, with complete ‘buy in’ from all. It’s a people-based approach, in order to create all the financial numbers you are looking for, without the numbers being your focus. Establish a rich, fertile environment for growth and let everything else follow.

If you prefer a numbers, flow chart, accounts based approach, that is completely respected. JP sees those as end results, rather than a starting point. A healthy dog will always wag its tail. Focusing on the tail alone may not get you there!

Message or email JP directly to discuss the needs of yourself, your team, your business and your clients and take yourselves to the Next Level.

What people have said about JP's coaching

“I’ve never been asked the questions that JP has asked me. Having worked with different people over the years, this was surprising and incredibly powerful. My lens on the world changed completely and I became aware of everything that was happening in the relationships around me, especially at work. Having my eyes opened to this meant I began evolving my practices immediately, for the better”

“The Explore Program helped me to step into myself. I am now finding that I have a mental and emotional strength that I didn't know I had, and a direction and presence that is not just positive and clear now, but is also tangible and influential. I am much more in tune with my "why" and my "what next." I no longer feel like a person balancing on the edge between childhood and adulthood, knowing I'm more, but not respecting myself enough to take it. Since the Explore Program started (not just since it finished) I have become more positive, more focused, more resilient and more aware of myself and others, especially in the emotional realm. JP, you shone a light through the darkness of Covid-19 lockdown for me, from which I can now light my own torch to shine on the rest of my life”