There are lots of ways we can connect and grow through education. Here are the cornerstone courses below. In the ‘Other workshops and events’ section, you’ll see all the bite-size options available, including several ways of engaging in learning for free, so you can start your journey to the Next Level immediately!

Welcome to the Next Level Movement Mentorship. The education and mentorship programme designed for you to:

  • learn a working understanding of myofascial anatomy and its relevance to everyone dealing with human function and movement
  • learn a simple but powerful 4 step appraisal process suitable for ANY client
  • learn scores of myofascial mobilisations to create freedom of movement and eliminate discomfort in the usual hot spots - knees, backs, necks and shoulders
  • learn how to train any human based on the integrated anatomy and their own appraisal results
  • learn the link between mental, emotional and physical and how you can connect on all three levels for improved results
  • learn progressive recovery techniques
  • learn business strategies to guarantee client satisfaction and retention

The intensive 3 day educational weekend is only one part of the programme. You will also get education materials to review beforehand, a further advanced course to complete online afterwards, a workbook to work through in the following months, and 3 coaching sessions - 2 x individual one on one and 1 x group (online) with JP. These are designed to reinforce learning, hone your application of the huge range of practical skills you will have, answer questions about client cases and help orient you in your own career aspirations. This is hugely powerful - continuous support from your teacher and mentor to keep you on track and growing.

In addition, you will have 12 months access to the private Facebook group to share stories, ask questions and connect with the community of coaches who have taken the programme and can help you along the way with their varied and powerful knowledge base. This is invaluable. You will become part of the most supportive and non-judgmental group in the movement and wellness community.


Laura, Perth
The mentorship for me was very authentic, as someone who has participated in many fitness courses over the years the content was unexpected and the perfect balance of science, new psychology and philosophies and practical components that were so fun, and even sorted out my own body. JPs warm and humble nature connected the whole group, he is constantly updating the mentorship with new knowledge so I can’t wait to do it again. Definitely the best value course I have done and I left feeling inspired, made some new friends and ready to help more people move and live better. Thanks.

Sam, New Zealand
I had been waiting for the stars to align so that I could finally say yes to the offer of signing up to JP's Movement Mentorship program! It has already been well worth the wait and its only been one weekend! There was a lot to digest and there is a lot to practice but the amount of both is perfect. I didn't end up feeling overwhelmed and not know where to begin or how to take this home to practice, it was clear and all made sense. I loved the intimacy of a smaller group and being around like minded people that speak the same language - how refreshing! I have always loved JP's delivery of his bountiful knowledge and wisdom along with the clear feeling of excitement and love that he has for this type of training. It is contagious! I love knowing that I have the support I need as I move forward and also that I have made new friends to keep in touch with! Thanks JP - I look forward to seeing what else can be achieved over the next few months!

Kasse, WA
Filled with fun, function, fitness and fab people!
The content was perfect, as was the delivery, easily transferable to my own practise and a fab mixture of info and practice!
There was a very special feeling of respect, friendship and support.
I love JPs relaxed confidence and his jokes!
It certainly is bitter sweet finishing the education.
Bitter in that I don’t want it to end, but sweet as I am ready to unleash my new found tools to the world!
And with the ongoing support form JP and our new friends I know I will have a great support network moving forward!

For details of an upcoming mentorship near you, message or email JP

Welcome to the Next Level Integrative Mentorship! This is where we explore all the factors beyond movement that will affect peoples’ health, wellness and happiness. Here’s what we cover:

Pre learning materials –video lectures from JP and award-winning Health & Movement Coach, Corinne Austin outlining main themes to be covered in the program

Live education:

  • Wellness & Stress
  • Gut Health & Inflammation
  • Vagus Nerve
  • Manual Techniques & Organ Resets
  • Feet – structure and function
  • Coaching yourself and others to success
  • Lymphatic System
  • Lymphascial Reset Protocol all day practical


  • 1 x online group mentoring session 90 minutes within 1 month of completion of live education
  • 2 x individual mentoring sessions 60 minutes each in the following 2 months
  • Manual to work through with additional detail and practise points

And then there’s the spiritual content:

  • Connection with a tribe that speaks your language
  • Membership of the online private community of Next Level Integrative mentorship graduates
  • Personal growth and epiphanies
  • Connection to authenticity
  • Support, love and acceptance from yourself and others

For details of an upcoming mentorship near you, message or email JP

The Lymphascial™ Reset Protocol is a world-first treatment modality. Created in July 2019 by award-winning international movement educator John Polley (JP) and award-winning Health & Movement Coach, Corinne Austin who both recognised the extraordinary potential that drawing together lymphatic stimulation and myofascial release could have when the systems were combined into one unique protocol.

”Lymphascial™ Resetting - a treatment modality combining the body’s fascial (connective tissue) system with the lymphatic (transmission fluid) system, and where the combination of both systems together enables synergistic actions of both”.

Based on the premise of healing, both the lymphatic and myofascial systems have remarkable potential to stimulate and unlock a body that has been trapped physically, chemically, emotionally, or immunologically. By utilising traditional and progressive techniques, the Lymphascial Reset Protocol has so far delivered results beyond what they had both expected – often felt and seen during the treatment protocol if not immediately after.

This one day practical workshop will teach you how to perform the full reset with underpinning evidence throughout. Your education will flow as follows:

Pre learning materials –video lectures from JP and Corinne outlining main themes to be covered in the program

  • The lymphatic system – lecture on what it is and how it works (90 minutes)
  • The myofascial system – lecture on what it is and how it works (75 minutes)

Live education in person:

  • The Lymphascial™ Reset Protocol – outlining the 7 sites and why they are powerful 30 minutes
  • Practical – all 7 sites taught, performed and experienced by all students (7 hours)

You will leave having practised and experienced the full protocol, able to immediately put this into your business. There is full support with a workbook and protocol guide, as well as Facebook group to connect, share and ask questions.

Lymphascial™ Reset has a broad scope, and has the potential to be used effectively in many arenas – massage, health/life coaching, naturopathy, homeopathy, personal training, movement coaching and more – to help clients searching for greater health, vitality, and freedom.

If you want to be at the forefront of your industry, and one of the world’s first Lymphascial™ practitioners, sign up now!

For details of an upcoming mentorship near you, message or email JP

Explore and Evolve - two month online coaching program with JP as your mentor and guide

JP’s tag line is, Growth: Embrace that shit! This is a shout out to you, to harness your courage and grab the opportunity to unleash your potential. Finally be the change you want to see in the world. Let’s do this!

Introducing the EXPLORE AND EVOLVE ONLINE GROUP COACHING PROGRAM - 9 sessions, 9 questions, 9 weeks, huge shift. Each question is carefully constructed to build on the last and reveals the next layer of you, your identity and your direction. An online live experience with JP guiding you through the process and discussing the issues this will bring up in the group

To ensure this remains personal and tailored, only 12 people are accepted into each intake.

Open to anyone who:

  • Wants to grow, themselves, their clients and their business
  • Is unsure what they want and need a way to find out
  • Knows they are capable of so much more
  • Knows what they want but is unsure how to get there
  • Can't find the courage to make the changes needed 
  • Needs guidance / support in their dreams
  • Needs to be asked the right questions
  • Several / all of the above

Join live each week or have the recordings if you miss a session or two. This is not a ‘dial in and everything changes’ situation. There is effort, challenge and energy invested in growth, so you’ll need to give some time to personal reflection and answer the question each week. Whilst not compulsory, you will also be encouraged to share with the group your own answers, so you can all learn from each other

JP says:

“Personal growth is one of the most challenging and powerful experiences you can go through. And I can tell you from my own history, it’s significantly easier with tailored help and guidance from a professional invested in your success (that’s me). And I literally LOVE this stuff! All I want to facilitate, is your growth, evolution and success. I'm excited to bring my coaching/mentoring skills to you in this accessible format. If you have questions, just reach out. Big love, JP ♥"


Instead of the usual one on one coaching investment, this 2 month group online program is a $499 (AUD) commitment, to demonstrate your commitment to your growth and use your place in the experience to move forward with your life.

Dates and times 

Starting Wednesday 7 October at 10.30am Perth / AEST 1.30pm / New Zealand 3.30pm
Each session is 90 minutes
There are 9 sessions in total, each Wednesday at the same time, finishing on 2 December
NOTE: Every session will be recorded for your review, or to catch up when you cannot attend.

To register (places strictly limited to 12)

 Message or email JP